Funds Summary

Whilst the drive towards total automation (and full STP) within the industry continues, most market practitioners recognise the fact that eliminating the paper fully is still a very long way off. With Distributors either unable or unwilling to embrace automation for the benefit of Transfer Agents & Fund Managers, either because of technical limitations or financial constraints, the market requires an interim solution to assist in the automation of order processing.

SCANit is that solution. Capturing fund orders received in 'non-structured' form typically via FAX, but also via e-mail and in formats like PDF, SCANit will automatically extract relevant order details and use this data to build structured messages for automatic processing downstream.

Eliminating the need for manual entry (and dual rekeying) into internal systems, SCANit substantially reduces both the risk of error associated with manual processing and the related operating costs.

And the good news is that our Distributor Library is ever increasing, so in all likelihood SCANit will already be processing the fax formats you will be receiving from a number of your Distributors, making it a case of plug and play.

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