Issuer Source Documentation

Someone, somewhere is typing Issuer information into a document, form, e-mail, News Feed or similar. In the next building someone is doing the same thing but in a different format. In fact there is no standard for Issuer Documentation (at least not globally). Attempts have been made to address this but none as yet have been successful. This leads to a very fragmented approach to the issue of Corporate Action information.

Unless Regulation changes or Issuers become financially incentivised to adhere to a particular standard it is unlikely we will see much change.

Neurosoft Securities, with its partners, are working within the Industry to improve this.

Firstly by automating the receipt and recognition of Issuer Documentation from the Source of the information (e.g. the Issuer or Agent) into Corporate Action Repositories to plug the electronic gap that exists at the top end of the Corporate Action chain.

and secondly

By providing Corporate Action data certainty to institutional consumers of Corporate Action data via the use of digital notarisation techniques.

SCANit is at the heart of both initiatives.

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