With good take up of ISO150022 within the Corporate Action arena, you’d be forgiven for thinking that SCANit would be unnecessary. However a significant amount of paper exists in the Corporate Action chain even in the most automated parts. SCANit can be effective in any process and significant improvements can be made in the areas of timeliness and risk reduction when dealing with Instructions received from downstream clients.

SCANit can read e-mails, faxes, forms from your counterparts and will turn them into electronic data (MT565 equivalent). This extracted data can be fed into host systems as if it had been received electronically in the first place.

Where speed is a priority, SCANit can make a real difference, where rekeying is prone to error, SCANit can reduce that risk substantially.

In essence SCANit can turn a manual process into an electronic version without forcing your clients to adopt a specific standard which may not be suitable or appropriate.

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